About Terra Online Commands

There are many Terra online commands that a player can type in. but it should be kept in mind that all game commands in Terra online start with the "@" symbol, for non-US keyboards. You may also use "\" or "&" if your keyboard does not have a"@"symbol. This will show as an "@" symbol in the chat box.

The most commonly used Terra online game commands are:

Full command                     Explanation
@e                                          this takes the player to an allied base of their choosing
@o                                          same as @e, only the player does not enter the base
@w                                          this allows a player to take cash out of an allied base
@d                                          Put all money you are carrying into a fort or mobile base.
@survey                                  to build a castle
@power                                  to build a power plant
@page                                   Page all friendlies to your frequency.
@tell                                       Send a private message.
@reply                                    Reply to last private message sender.
@list                                        List all friends online and their frequency.
@status                                  Show status of your Clan's forts.
@status                                  Shows status of a Warrior, Clan or Fort.
@recon                                  Show all structures in clan map.
@recon                                   Show all structures in clan map by Clan, Friend or Foe.
@evac                                    Evacuate with money.
@observe                              Observe a fort or mobile base.
@withdraw                             Take specified amount of Lukers out of a fort.
@crate                                    Call for re-supply crate.
@rep                                       Build a repulsor.
@thug                                      Build a thug.
@decoy                                  Build a decoy.
@radar                                   Build a radar.
@build                                    Finish the build process.
@motd                                   Get clan's message of the day.
@motd                                   Set message of the day.
@quit                                       Quits game.