Origin Of Terra Online

The main objective of this article is to help you get familiar with the origin of Terra online. Terra is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Game, with a virtual world universe where Warriors combat with heavy weapons on both personal and team levels. To understand the true essence of this exciting war game, it is essential to look into the history of Terra online. Read on.

Terra is also known as Terra: 2120 or Terra Battle for the Outland. As one of the internet's innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game, it was debuted by Kaon interactive in early 1996. Looking back in the Terra online history, Kaon in due course pursued other directions, which led to the stagnation of the game.

It was Jacked-In, a gaming group which came along and added quite a few variations of the Goat as well as a heavy tank or Armadillo and the failed jet-pack (JOE). Again, this association ended on an unpleasant note and the Terra Battle for the Outland went off-line sometime in 2003. But as the history of Terra online reflects, this was not the end of the game.

A player named "Rooster" worked out an understanding with Kaon after some months. This brought the game back to life and it ran another two years. It was during this third manifestation of the game that it took to new direction. Majority of the Jacked-In changes were removed while a new watercraft Barracuda was added. But much to the disappointment of the loyal player base, this arrangement also ended rather suddenly in early 2005.

As we trace the origin of Terra online, it is seen that in November 2005, Terra was brought back to life once again by "Terminox", but under a contractual agreement with Kaon. "Jenga" and "Beast" were asked to come back to the fold as developers. It was after the help from the "JKR", "Deft" and other long time players that the game was quickly revived. It has been running continuously since. The graphics of the game have undergone several major changes. Further development and changes are still going on. With the player base expanding continuously, the game is run on donations and with the help of volunteers. And it is a free game to this day.