Intro To Terra Online

Terra online is a war game modeled after none and similar to absolutely nothing. It is one of the few on-line games which can still be played by older computers and modems. As an intro to Terra online on this page, you will learn about this persistent virtual world which never sleeps.

Terra online is a virtual world played from the perspective of first-person. Initially, light scout vehicle (Goat), a medium tank (Rhino), and a heavy long-range self-propelled howitzer (Buffalo) were the vehicles used in the game. Sometime in 1997 a light attack helicopter (Shrike) was added. Since then, several more vehicles have been added like the heavy tank (Armadillo), fast laser-armed recon vehicles both land (Scarab) and air (Phoenix). The stationary fort defenses existing from the start of the game as AI's have been made more user friendly. Read on to know more about Terra online.

Getting on with the Terra online introduction, each player in the game builds a character whose statistics are followed continuously. With some role-playing aspects, each player aligns himself with a clan. The two introductory clans are called the "Desert Rats" or "AMOK". Players move from these two clans after either pledging to these clans or they may also form their own clans. As the Terra environment is not too friendly to such independent-minded players, most of the players wind up with the established large clans eventually.

What is interesting about Terra online is that this virtual war world never sleeps. Existing 24/7, every minute of every day in real time, with heavy vehicle traffic and weapons fire, in Terra online the war never gets over. You have to combat both Warriors (humans) and Robots (AI) to gain rank/experience. As you go higher in rank, you build your own assets, claim land and protect it too. Your assets are protected by your friends and allies or even by their own defenses while you sleep.

Come and play Terra online with friends or even meet new friends. Create your own clan in a game that's both very simple, but deeply complex at the same time in all of its capabilities. Fly planes and helicopters or drive tanks and fast moving light battle vehicles. Build your world the way you like it at Terra Battle for the Outland.

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