Vehicles In Terra Online

In Terra online, the players are in the role of soldiers fighting as one of two opposing sides trying to control the outlands. The prime focus of this page is to help you get familiar with the main vehicles in Terra online. Read on.

Here are the current vehicles in Terra online:

The goat is a fast, low armored attack vehicle in Terra online. The MAG, HSMs, MACH, and PELs as its four weapons, it is used mainly to control a fort. A PEL is a land mine that is dropped from these vehicles in Terra online, and explodes after a few seconds. The "R-Goat," or Goat R-416W is the same as the "M-Goat", except that the R-Goat has ROCKs, or rockets.

As the game's main battle tank, Rhino has superior armor, along with many weapons. The DUP, which is the main gun, is the most commonly used armaments of the tank. The LDM and HSM are other commonly used auto-aim weapons by the players. The LDM is a player-aimed missile, aimed at Goats, Bloodbats, and Skrikes, while the HSMs are the heat-seeking missile. Like all land vehicles, the Rhino vehicle in Terra online also carries a MACH, short for machine gun, which is used for destroying pylons at forts. This helps the player in taking control of the fort. These Terra online vehicles also have a spot for a MAG, which is a short range time-bomb.

The Armadillo, which is heavier side of the Rhino, has more armor, and many more powerful weapons. The PLAS, or plasma round is the main weapon of this vehicle in Terra online. Much more damaging than a DUP or HEAT, however it has a longer reload rate. The ROCKs and MACH are its other weapons.

Another of the current vehicles in Terra online, Shrike is a fast attack helicopter. It is equipped with two different weapons, Rockets and ATC's or Air Thermal Charge. The ATC is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and is capable of destroying most vehicles in Terra online with a single straight hit. However, as the ATC falls slowly from under the Shrike, it can be difficult to hit a moving target. Shrikes can be very tough for the new players to fly and will need a lot of practice from them.

The "scarab" is a light, fast recon vehicle in Terra online. With little armor and light lasers, its plus points are its speed and maneuverability. Although very effective against Shrikes and even 'dillos, it has little impact on fort defs.

This is a light attack boat, carrying LDM, DUP, HEAT and light rockets, as well as MACH. The armor of these Terra online vehicles is medium and the speed is similar to that of the land-based Rhino.