Community And Ranks In Terra Online

Here you will learn about the community and ranks in Terra online. Before you enter this virtual word of battle, it would be a good idea to get familiar with the Terra online community and ranks, which would give you a better insight about the game.

Community in Terra online
Terra online players comprise of a wide array of nationalities and ages, crossing all borders across the world. You will come across most players speaking English to some extent or Brazilian Portuguese. The manuals of the game are available in several languages and several times volunteers have translated the manuals as required. International participation and involvement is encouraged. At the Terra Corps website, the players can lay hands on a set of official forums created by Terra programmers. The players are also able to partake and contribute in game discussions, interacting with the community directly.

Ranks in Terra online
Players are given ranks in terra online. As they progress with the experience, so does their rank and status. Higher rank means more rights and privileges. You will come across some of the ranks in terra online controlled by the clan leader for clan security grounds.

Higher rank also allows the player to build their own clan, construct forts and related defenses. Ranks can go as described below:

Recruit at 0 kills
Trooper at 10 kills
Lance Corporal at 20 kills
Corporal at 50 kills
Sergeant at 100 kills - can withdraw money
Sergeant 1st Class at 150 kills - can build fuel and ammo dumps
Second Lieutenant at 200 kills - can build defenses
First Lieutenant at 250 kills - can form alliances
Captain at 300 kills - can build forts or castles, mobilebases, and powerplants
Major at 500 kills - players can make their own clan, transfer bases, and design a base
Lt. Colonel at 150 kills
Emperor at 500,000 kills

Till now, the highest rank in terra online that a player has achieved is that of as Clan High Commander. One can view the ranks at the Terracorps Website. We hope you found the above article on community and ranks in Terra online informative.