Building Structures In Terra Online

The world of Terra online is both very simple, but also deeply complex at the same time. While testing your skills as a fighter against others, you can set up structures in Terra online and build your world the way you like. In this article we will focus on the various bases in Terra online. Given below are the common Terra online structures.

Mobile bases
Mobile bases, or "MB's", are secondary bases in Terra online. Quite often used for attacking enemy Castles, they are cheaper and faster to build. However, they may not be as strong as Castles. They take about 30 minutes to finish and cost only 50,000L to build these structures in Terra online. They do not require a power plant as they have an internal power source. Mobile bases can only hold a maximum of 200,000L and have only have 2 control pylons with a maximum of 16 stationary ground defenses. Plus they cannot have any robot defenders.

Castles, also known as "forts", are the main bases in Terra online that are built in the Outlands. Costing 250,000L, these structures are more poweful than Mobile Bases. It takes about 80 minutes to finish construction of these structures in Terra online. One cannot purchase any vehicles until the Castle is powered. Moreover, most of a clan’s money is stored in Castles. Generally, each Castle has 4 control pylons and can have a maximum of 20 stationary ground defenses.

For building structures in Terra online like the Castles and Mobile bases, there are three types of stationary ground defenses. These are the Repulsors, decoy pylons and Thugs. Repulsors or "Reps" are used to keep conflicting clans away from an assets control pylons. Costing only 2,000L, they are cheap to build. Repulsors can link to powered structures, power plants, and other repulsors within 500 meters.

Thugs cost 3,200L to build and are competent of returning fire at the enemy. Used for defending the repulsors, they help players in locating and eliminating enemies. Generally, thugs will fire with basic weapons.

The third type of ground defense is decoy pylons which cost 4,200L down payment to complete. These Terra online structures look and act just like regular pylons. But once they get shot, they explode. So the players have to be careful when they are killing a pylon.

Another of the structures in Terra online that players can build is Radars. Costing 44,000L, they take about 20 minutes to complete. Radars robotically spot completed assets and bases in Terra online within a 20 km radius around itself and inform the clans satellite map accordingly.

Free Standing Structures
There are two kinds of structures in Terra online that can be constructed without any nearby asset and these are the Ammo Dump and the Fuel Dump. As long as they are more than 1.2KM from an asset, these can be built anywhere. Ammo dumps cost 5,000L to build while Fuel dumps cost 20,000L to build. Fuel dumps provide fuel to vehicles and are used less frequently.